Good bye my sweet boy…..

A week ago I had to kiss my boy, my sweet beautiful scruffy Duffy good bye.

I held his head as the vet did what she had to do.

My heart is in pieces and I feel like the best part of me has died.  In some ways I guess it has…..  


Duffy was my first pup.  By this I mean, I’ve had other pets before but they were family dogs.  Duff was mine.  Just mine.  And I was his.

I am sitting here feeling what a can only be described as bittersweet – the memories, sounds, scents are flooding my head and heart and my eyes fill with tears – again.

Its been that kind of week.

I know that not everyone feels this way about pets or even understands – but the bond between a human and her pet, be it dog, cat, gerbil, bird….its intense and full of love and loyalty and all sorts of goodness that you can’t get from another human being.  It truly is unconditional love and for me Duffy gave that to me 500% and I did my very best to make sure he had a life full of love, good eats, lots of walks, swims and cuddles.

Duffy, my Wolfo, I will miss you with all of my heart.  I hear you everyday in my mind – you sweet, funny little whinies and your scruffly morning complaints that made Cole and Drew (my young nephews) giggle with delight when they were little and fill them with warm memories of you now.

Until we meet again my Duffy.

Love you.



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